Why is Gollum on your Twitter & LinkedIn Background?

I have a particular picture for my Twitter https://twitter.com/johnnliu Background for a while. 
It is a picture with many interpretations.

Because it is LEGO.   I grew up with LEGO.  My kids have inherited my LEGO.  I buy LEGO on a regular basis.

Because it is LOTR.  I grew up with Fantasy Books.  Tokien.  Robert Jordan.  Steve Jackson.  Terry Prachett.  Robin Hobb.  JK Rowling.

Because it is a social comment on the lawsuits and "always cover your ass" theory.  That today's toy box needs a label that says "Boat does not float"

Because it is a play on words.  Re-peat after me: Riddles for the Ring; Boat does not float.

Because it is narrative.  Ultimately, Gollum is frustrated that his boat is sinking and he can't reach the One Ring.


It is a picture I took at a toy store while looking at the latest LEGO boxes.  And it is a picture that had meanings and more meanings. 

You can also interpret it as a client meeting or coding scenario where I sometimes feel like Gollum. 

Curses! The Ring was just within my grasp!

And you would be right as well.

From 2015 onwards as my own personal journey moved me towards Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow, I realized these are automation products.

So my Skype referred to this.


It means simply, use Flow and make it so.

Whatever floats your boat, just make it work.

It also means, there are no rocks and obstacles. There is only imagination, and the river Flows around the rock.

May you Flow towards Success.

I'll leave you with a Converse of the lawsuits theory.  This Boat, which I bought for my daughter, does Float.

I live in the most Interesting of Times.  We can observe the World while always making comments and it fascinates me.