User Profile Web Cam - An App for SharePoint

The purpose of the App is to access the user's Web Cam, take a picture, and upload it to their User Profile as their Profile Picture.

This App is available on the Office Store. 




Do you trust User Profile Web Cam?  Do you trust it enough to let it write to your User Profile?

That is possibly the first question the App will ask you.  Let me explain why it asks for that, and your options.

The User Profile Web Cam app has two buttons (well, 3, if you include the one where the browser asks you to borrow your camera).  The first one takes a picture, and stores it in a Pictures library within the App Site.  This doesn't require any special permissions.

The second button, tries to send it to the User Profile service end point and update your User Profile Picture.  This is the main "point" of the App.

A SharePoint App like this one, can only run with two permissions are OK.  "The App can write to User Profile", and "You, as the User, can write to your own User Profile".  This is a setting that may be disabled by your tenant admin.

Don't fret.  If you can not grant the App the permission it asks, you can still use the App.  Go to the App, you can still use the camera and take a selfie.  It will be stored in the Pictures Library.  You can manually save it and then use it to update your User Profile.

If you do try to set your User Profile Picture without first granting the permission to Trust the App.  You will get this friendly message.

Privacy Documentation

  • The App does not upload your picture outside of your Office 365 Tenancy.
  • The App does store a copy of your picture in the App Site's picture library. It is possible for other users to browse the Picture library and see other people's pictures.
  • The App requests the current browser's Web Cam access, and will not continue if the Camera access is unavailable.

Support Documentation

  • Limited Support is provided for the Free App.
  • The App will override your current user profile picture - so look sharp! And don't do it in your kid's playroom like I do. Definitely, don't do it wearing a silly Thailand T-Shirt.
  • Please contact @johnnliu for other support.