Space Crusade Resources - Reloaded

Years ago, I lost my Space Crusade manual.  I combed the Internet to find people that had it, and could scan it for me. In return, I scanned most of my pieces and made them available for other people.

In the years of 2003-2005, hosting large files on the Internet was a big deal.  Now, hosting files is hardly tricky.

Anyway, as I rebuild my site again, I would like to make the files available again.

Space Crusade is Copyrighted by their respective owners: Milton Bradley and Games Workshop.  the resources here are purely for personal use - where losing your game manual is a life and death situation and you must verify a Line of Sight rule because surely your brother's Dreadnaught can't hit your Space Marines from the other board, through 2 bulkhead doors and a gateway.  Or could it?

Have fun!  Feb-2011


I dug out my copy of SC sometime during 2003, 10 years after I've first played it.  Everything remains well kept, except, the mission book(s) are missing.  What followed was a frantic combing through the internet in search for any bits and pieces I can gather for SC.

As I wait for some of the remaining pieces to slide into place, I collect them all together under one location.  Here I present all the official scans available for SC.  You can download them, print them out to replace your missing pieces.

Scans of official books


  • Big thank you to the following people:
  • Robert Kuster
    • Scans of the Space Crusade Rule Book
    • Scans of the Space Crusade Mission Book
    • Scans of the Space Crusade Mission Dreadnought Book
  • Jacob Busby
    • Photocopies of the Eldar Attack extension pack
  • Brad/Cyber333
    • Conversion to PDF of many of the large scans
  • Banjo
    • Alien Player console board, Marine Player reference, MD Extra heavy weapons ref.


  • If you can't read ZIP or RAR files, go to
  • Important Notice!  If you have a WinRar but still can not decompress the rar files, your WinRar program may be out of date.  Get the latest version from the website.


SC - Mission: Dreadnought

SC - Eldar Attack

SC - White Dwarf

Fan Made


  • I have lost the original scanned PDF files a long time ago.  If there are quality issues with a particular page I will have to redo it manually.  Please let me know if/which page you need.  (note: 2016)

In all occurrences where I link to a resource on another person's website, I link to the webpage rather than to the actual file - I don't believe in hijacking other people's links and pretending them to be my own.  But if you do own a certain resource and prefer me not to link to you, please let me know.