SharePoint and REST presentations

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, I've been giving a few related talks around a specialized way of customizing SharePoint - via building custom REST service interfaces, and connecting to them using client-side JavaScript technologies.

There are two main topics involved, building the custom service itself, and using Knockout as the client side data binding library to achieve mastery of these techniques over SharePoint 2010.


Custom REST Services and jQuery AJAX

It is incredibly easy with the community kit for SharePoint (CKS) to build and deploy custom service interfaces to your SharePoint environment.  When you realized how easy it is to build this, you tend to re-evaluate and consider whether you should stop making webparts.

These series of developer talks dives into:

  • building a service from scratch
  • how to package it
  • how to consume the service via jQuery AJAX
  • how to debug both server side service, or the client-side javascript
  • how to watch network traffic via network profiling
  • and some ideas and best practices from experience in the field

SPSCBR - REST Service and jQuery AJAX

SSPUG - REST Service and jQuery AJAX

SharePoint Saturday Melbourne 2011 update

SharePoint Saturday Perth 2012

Custom REST, SOAP and Data services on SharePoint 2013


SharePoint - here is a REST service Project Item template


Knockout JS

Knockout is a JavaScript library that solves the problem of (MVVM) data binding on the client side.  It's a magical library that takes away the complexity of tracking how to update your client side DOM from messages received from the server.  

If you understand why jQuery is cool, discovering Knockout will blow you away.

These series of developer talks dives into:

  • introducing Knockout
  • complex databinding patterns
  • linking up with SharePoint 2010 REST service
  • using REST service to perform full CRUD - that's right, SharePoint's REST service interface is two way!
  • linking in client side JavaScript drag and drop
  • implement auto refresh
  • notes and ideas from beyond the frontier

Creating Knockout User Experiences in SharePoint with JavaScript and REST services

Retrospective: Creating Knockout User Experiences-in-SharePoint with JavaScript and REST services

Knockout binding formatters for date and currency