Presenting a roadmap to learning and mastery of Microsoft Flow at Collab365 Microsoft Flow Virtual Summit

All the Flow you can eat!


I managed to squeeze in last minute with a session on “A roadmap to learning and mastery of Microsoft Flow” this is an advanced session aiming to cover a wide range of techniques and pointing out the pitfalls along these milestones.

The session is near the very end of the Flow Virtual Summit. So I hope you would join me live. (As of this post - the Flow Virtual Summit is on right now). If you want to catch the video on demand after the session, you will need to purchase an All Access Pass.

The review of milestones and roadmap is suitable for learning or navigating our learning along Microsoft Flow.

Affiliate Discount for Flow Virtual Summit All-Pass users

Flow Studio is affiliated with Flow Virtual Summit to offer an additional $20 off the first year of your subscription if you have an Flow Virtual Summit All Access Pass. So this is how it will work.

First year - US$80
Subsequent years - US$100

After July, where Flow Studio’s price increases to US$200

First year - US$180
Subsequent years - $200

So if you have purchased an Flow Virtual Summit All-Pass and is interested in purchasing a Flow Studio subscription - let me know!

Enjoy the show