The future of Flow Studio - Trial

Hi everyone.  This is somewhat serious, and I really need your feedback.

I wanted to write this down and project my intentions clearly and well in advance.  This is something I really would want feedback regarding the future of Flow Studio.


Flow Studio today

I love working on Flow Studio, and I heard feedback all the time that there's more I can do with it, there is so much more.  It is always my intention that if I can make it into a product offering - it can supplement my income and I can wholly devote more working days to it.  It is very fulfilling work but very very tiring to work weekends and evenings and have a head full of grey hair from lack of sleep.

A few weeks ago - I implemented Google Analytics to try to figure out which feature area people are using that I need to improve on.  If you are interested I can share the results.  But (to my surprise), I'm now tracking 40 active users per week.  When I last guesstimated 3 weeks ago before I implemented analytics - I thought I had 10 recurring.

The most used activity is Expand - of course we all want to see our Flows, what's been running, and more importantly, what's been failing.


Immediately: announcing a new web-3.0 URL

Here's a new thing.  You can use this shiny new URL that makes this a web 3.0 application.  A new URL means we are in serious business. 

The old address will continue to work, and they both map to the same application at the moment, in the future I consider switching the old URL to an insider/test build.


Flow Studio tomorrow

Flow Studio is free.  Whether you add a subscription or not.

The current functionality, navigation, filter, sort, tag will all sit in the Flow Studio base product and provided for free indefinitely.

For the subscription, my thinking is to chase after two particular Stories:

The Flow Studio Professional scenario and the Flow Studio Administrator scenario

Flow Studio will exit Open-Alpha status today, from tomorrow it will be Open-Trial status.  Everyone is on trail status.  There's no subscriptions built yet so it's just a name that implies there's more stuff later.  I will also start to label functions as Pro or Admin.


Flow Studio Pro

Flow Studio Pro is a subscription offered for Professionals, Consultants, Makers.  The main work here is to help you make more Flows, quicker and better Flows.

  • I am thinking to move the Edit JSON capability here - because I think the users that really benefit from this feature are super Flow users and will be happy to pay a small subscription.  This is also an area that I think I'll need to build more protection to help people feel safer modifying their Flows and not worry about breaking a Flow.
  • I'm thinking to offer a rudimentary backup/restore to give people some assurances.
  • The ultimate goal is to provide more Power User focused features.  Do you know you can rename actions with Flow Studio?  (this feature will also move under PRO)
  • I am thinking to charge US$5/m per account (email) or $10/m for 3 emails (I think the 3x offering is better suited for teams or for consultants that work on multiple projects - you can choose which 3 emails as you please)

    I have no idea if that's too little or too much.  You have to tell me.  I also think it is a subscription you can turn off and on as you like - if you aren't using Flow anymore on your project just stop the subscription and resume it later. 
  • Flow Studio doesn't go into your environment and delete anything when you unsubscribe.  Don't worry!
  • Without a subscription the Pro and Admin functions are disabled.  Flow Studio will continue to function.


Flow Studio Admin

The Flow Admin scenario is a subscription offered for Administrators - the main work here is to help you see all the Flows within your organization, set up triggers, reports and governance policies when things happen.  Turn off Flows when it exceeds run limits, when it uses specific connectors, what happens to the Flow when its owner leaves the organization etc etc.  What happens when a Flow fail?  When it fails a lot?

  • I am thinking $30/m for Flow Studio Admin - the Flow Admin may need Flow Plan 2 for access to the /admin REST APIs.  So I'm cautious what is coming out of the box with Plan 2, and what I plan to build as extras on top.
  • Ultimately, I want Admins to have better visibility into what they have running in their environment, help them build triggers and governance flows (even if they unsubscribe later) and help them feel comfortable configuring Flow to suit their business.
  • There will be trials for all these subscriptions so you can see the functionality.  Flow Studio Admin is aimed to be purchased by an IT department and has visibility into thousands of Flows.



US$5, $10 and $30 are monthly recurring subscription costs.  You can switch them on or off from month to month.

But I really want to know what you think.  Ask yourself this: if Flow Studio is $5/m will you buy it now, or will you not.  Tell me what you think.


Please tell me what you think

This is really important to me.  Is it too cheap.  Is it too expensive.  Does this help you.  Does this not help you.  What are your worries.

If you are a fan of Flow Studio or a fan of building start ups, I want to hear from you.

If you think Flow is wonderful but nobody should have to learn expressions - I really want to hear from you.  How can I help you, for only $5/month.

My lines are all open: (please mention re: flow studio when connecting)

or comment below