Sydney SharePoint User Group 20 July 2010

Presented an updated version of my Silverlight and SharePoint solutions talk in the Sydney user group tonight.  I don't think I timed the presentation well and lost way too much time in the beginning in XAML - which made everything seemed harder, and getting to the fun part much later.

  • Will improve - won't type XAML again, will highlight what's interesting but avoid fiddling live.

Honestly lots of room to improve but I think it was still interesting to a lot of people.  If you were there tonight and feels otherwise please let me know!

Feedback I've received:

  1. Demo at least "worked" even though really slow going in the beginning
    • Will improve, in fact given 1hr I don't think I'll type out the XAML again in the future - this will give me far more time to spend in the code, as well as getting to the fun part a lot quicker
  2. Need more time spend to show end-user Silverlight debugging (no modification to the server required)
    • Which I think would be a lot better use of the time
  3. Need more time to show some nice integration examples
    • Such as my Silverlight Camera which definitely raised eyebrows.
    • And if I can ever get my Silverlight PivotViewer to a decent, presentable state…
    • But basically, people need to see the features that Silverlight and SharePoint brings to the table separately, and why they are suddenly super awesome together.  Have an idea to draw a chart that'll blow everyone away - wait for it on SharePoint Saturday.
  4. Something went wrong at the one-hour mark, where my IE decided to go offline, which made further demo really difficult.  My suspicion is that Fiddler2 died somehow and IE thinks everything has gone funny and offline. 
    • Might have fixed itself by restarting IE.
  5. Definitely need more question time, and end with more links



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