The iPhone design flaw

Hi Apple,

When I first got my iPhone it truly was a thing of joy. New apps were being created and continued to blew away my expectations of what a phone can do.

Not anymore, I have not found anything worth downloading or buying in the last month. I've browsing through the paid apps section now and filtering anything above $10. Still nothing that I'd consider truly must-have.

I will not buy anything above $10 for a platform that I’m considering to abandon in the next cycle.

I gave up a bit.
I cleaned out my iPhone apps list, call it a defrag, if you will - it is now down to only 20. At its height I had well over 7-8 pages full of apps.


I don't know what it is that you are doing - but perhaps it's also what you are NOT doing.

Whatever it is, I call it a design flaw.


Please bring back the developers and the great apps.  Otherwise you will lose your users - me.  There are plenty of other mobile vendors that are eyeing your market and they will happily take your developers from you.

I remember the days when I was using a Mac and we had no software.  I don’t know if you had forgotten those dark days.